Introducing vitafusion™ GOODNESS™, great-tasting gummy vitamins that are good for you and for the planet. Available exclusively in natural food and vitamin retailers

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Good for You, Good for the Earth

With 9 good-for-you formulas, there’s a vitafusion™ GOODNESS™ gummy for every body's needs.

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Take care of yourself and the Earth too. vitafusion™ GOODNESS™ is the only vitamin gummy that delivers clinically proven absorption∞, for the nutrition you want, while caring for the planet you love. Our vitamins are made with renewable energy sources and come to you in smart recyclable packaging. We add the good-for-you ingredients and leave out the artificial flavors, gluten and dairy. We make the taste irresistible, because taking care of yourself and the planet should feel amazing. Experience the GOODNESS™.

∞For vitamins C, D3 and B-12 in products that contain those nutrients.